Exciting news! The Savvy Squad is now known as savvynow. Over the next few weeks, you'll see new exciting changes and updates on our website.

The savvynow story

Founded by Beck Hall in 2018, savvynow began with a strong foundation in the design industry. Initially established as a leading graphic design business, savvynow has since evolved into a company offering expert services in digital marketing and custom merchandising.

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What makes us great partners

Industry experience

Beck (founder of savvynow) has over a decade industry experience. You're promised a supportive team built on her industry skills and knowledge.

Our collaborations

We hold strong alliances with leading specialists in our fields of expertise to provide you a powerful foundation to thrive.

Official distributor

We're a member of the reputable body APPA and an official distributor of creditable brands and suppliers of merchandise in Australasia.

Our commitment

Our greatness shines through our collaborative approach. We project manage to provide a seamless experience for you in digital marketing and merchandising. We leverage our expertise while assembling the best team to prioritise your growth, customer connections and solid business foundation.

Our mission

Our mission is to strengthen your connections with your customers to drive growth. We achieve this by being your partner and professional support in the media and merchandise space.

Partnerships and brands

Providing professional support and expertise in media, tech, Ai and custom merchandising.

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