Terms of services


Through our website (including www.savvynow.com.au) (“Site”), we provide a range of services including brand design, merchandising solutions, and digital marketing strategies. We collaborate with partners to offer comprehensive services and platforms, alongside tools and materials to enhance brand engagement and visibility, including promotional campaigns and merchandise management. We provide access to design tools, web hosting services, and offer strategic tools and insights through analytics and optimisation reports.

Quotes and offers: may be valid for a specific period. After this period, prices and availability of products may be subject to change.

Failure to settle an invoice: within 30 days may result in account default. savvynow may remove client material from systems until payment is made, covering unpaid fees for services including website related services (hosting, domain registrations, maintenance and related services), design services, merchandising and marketing services (digital marketing campaigns, delivery, analytics related services). Removal doesn’t waive responsibility for payment.

Typographical errors: While we strive to rectify typographical errors before presenting proofs, clients bear the responsibility of thoroughly proofreading all materials prior to finalisation.

Proofing: Clients acknowledge that savvynow assumes no responsibility for final proofreading, placing full accountability on clients for the accuracy and quality of content in the finalised product or service.

Acceptance: By accepting a quote or purchasing our services, you acknowledge and accept savvynow’s Terms of Service, Terms of Use and agreements.

Deposits: savvynow reserves the right to request payment deposit to initiate services or production. 



Quoting: Quotes are calculated based on the time needed to fulfill your project’s goals and specifications. We consider factors like complexity, scope, and intricacy to provide an accurate estimate.

Revisions: Our services come with a defined number of revision rounds, specified in your quote or invoice.

Fees & terminations: A reignite fee may if a project is on hold for 20 business days or more due to delayed payments or outstanding tasks. If termination is requested by you, you will be responsible for outstanding amounts, and we may restrict your access to our services or project files.


Freight and delivery costs: may not be included unless specified. Any additional shipping requests may result in extra charges. Each supplier incurs individual freight costs. Delivery timing is based on artwork approval and subject to freight companies.

Quotes: are based on the specified product(s), decoration(s), and quantities mentioned. Any changes or modifications will result in adjustments to the quoted price.

Design: drafts, mock-ups, and proofs serve as visual guides, acknowledging that slight variations in color and resolution may occur in the final product.

Final products: Despite meticulous efforts, minor discrepancies between the final product and provided proofs may arise, beyond our control.

Liability: We cannot be held liable for any color discrepancies or variations in print output due to the specific printing machinery employed by our suppliers.

Promotional purpose items: Our products and services cater primarily to businesses for promotional purposes, not for resale or profit. Clients intending to resell our products must inform us, as different licensing terms may apply, especially for digital items and stock images.

We are not liable for copyright or trademark violations resulting from client reselling activities; clients must ensure compliance with laws. Any issues between clients and their customers regarding reselling are the sole responsibility of the client.

Artwork: all artworks are required in high resolution, EPS, or Ai file with fonts outlined and print-ready unless otherwise specified. If correct files are not supplied, we cannot guarantee quality output. Any additional design or artwork services requested may incur extra charges.

Priority production or rush orders: may incur an extra charge. Production time is subject to the availability of stock and production capacity.

Changes or cancellations: Any requested changes or cancellations to the order must be communicated in writing and may incur a charge.

Damages: savvynow is not liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages arising from the use or misuse of the product.

General wear and tear: savvynow is now liable for general wear and tear of products.

Quality assurance: Our quality assurance process strives to optimise the standards of all merchandise products supplied; however, inherent discrepancies in manufacturing processes may result in inconsistencies among products and merchandise, leading to differences in quality.

Faulty items and products: Faulty items must be submitted via email to hello@savvynow.com.au within 14 days of receiving the product, accompanied by detailed descriptions and photos. Our team will promptly review your submission and provide a suitable resolution. 



Services: We collaborate with partners to provide comprehensive digital marketing, media, and AI services. These partners are bound by their own Terms of Use, which are integrated into our service delivery. For complete details, please refer to our full Terms of Use.

Use of Tools: Our digital marketing services utilise advanced technologies, tools, and AI to deliver optimal results. These services may include search engine marketing, social media campaigns, programmatic advertising, and other digital, media, and AI-related solutions. Each platform used in our services operates under its own terms and policies. For more information, please visit the respective websites of these platforms.

Data: We take data privacy seriously. Please refer to our privacy policy for detailed information on how we handle your data.

Tailored Services: Our digital marketing, media, and AI services are customised to meet your specific needs. Each service will have its own individual agreements and terms, which will be provided during the sign-up process.

Cancellation & Termination: The terms for cancellation and termination of services can vary depending on the specific service. These details will be outlined in the agreements and sign-up forms provided to you.

Minimum Campaign Durations: Certain tailored services may require minimum campaign durations. These requirements will be specified in the agreements and sign-up forms.

Assets Provided by You: By providing assets or materials to savvynow, you affirm that you hold the appropriate licences and ownership rights for their use in the specified service. We will assume these rights are in place and are not responsible for any licensing, trademark, or copyright issues that may arise. 

Additionally, if you supply any items or add-ons to interact with the savvynow Platform or services, you must provide us with any information, data, APIs, or other forms of access that we reasonably request. You must ensure that we have sufficient rights under the terms of any applicable licences to conduct or arrange for the integration between the item or add-on and the savvynow Platform or services.

Subscriptions & Memberships: Services that involve subscriptions have their own payment plans available. These will be clearly stated in the specific terms and agreements provided during sign-up.

Responsibilities and Media Assets: Clients are expected to provide all required media assets within the specified timeframes to ensure timely delivery of our services. Media assets must meet the correct specifications. Additional services for media asset creation or adjustment can be provided upon request, with a separate quote or inclusion in the tailored offer.

Results and Reporting: Our team of experts strives to achieve the best possible results based on your budget, audience, and goals. However, results may vary due to factors beyond our control, such as economic changes, campaign budget, and industry competitiveness. While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, we leverage the expertise of our specialists to maximise performance and achieve the best possible results.



You agree to indemnify savvynow and associated entities from any liabilities or expenses linked to your use of the website or services, including claims, losses, damages, litigation costs, and legal fees incurred by you or third parties through you.



These Terms of Service remain in effect until terminated by either party. You can end them by notifying us or ceasing to use our services. We reserve the right to terminate the agreement without notice if you fail to comply with these terms. If terminated, you’re responsible for outstanding amounts, and we may restrict your access to our services.

See our full Terms of Use for termination terms and policies. 



The most recent version of the Terms of Service is available on our website, and it’s advised to review it periodically. We reserve the right to update, modify, or replace any part of these terms, with updates posted on our website. You’re responsible for checking for changes, and by continuing to use our website or services after updates, you accept the revised terms.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at hello@savvynow.com.au